Vanilla House is situated on the west coast of Mauritius, protected from the south-easterly winds and basking in the rays of the golden sunsets that light up the skies every afternoon. By foot, bicycle or with the use of public transport you have access to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, each with its own uniqueness.


The Beach of La batterie de l’harmonie
(2.6 km from Vanilla House)

This beach is one of the last untouched deserted beaches of Mauritius. Being a few kilometres long it has a breathtaking view of the lagoon and the Le Morne Mountain. The sea is not dangerous but it is pretty shallow, the sand is not as white as the other beaches but one goes there to experience the natural beauty of Mauritius before the arrival of its first settlers. We suggest you visit this beach in the afternoon either by foot or by bicycle for a memorable moment down the sandy roads towards the sea.

Martello Tower Beach at La Preneuse
(2.6 km from Vanilla House)

Martello Tower beach is one of the best beaches of La Preneuse and Black River for sunbathing and swimming. The beach is large and the sand white and fine. The lagoon is transparent with the beautiful back drop of the Le Morne Mountain. Martello Tower was a defense tower found on the beach of La Preneuse in Mauritius that has been refurbished in the late 1990s and transformed into a museum.

Tamarin Bay Beach
(5.9 km from Vanilla House)

Tamarin Bay is known worldwide as a great surfing spot. This beach is very popular with any people enjoying picnic, BBQs, taking strolls along the beach with their families or just having fun in the waves. On the weekends the food kiosks offer a fabulous range of traditional and local cuisine. To access the right hand side of the beach you have to cross the river mouth which is 20 m wide and not very deep. It is not dangerous to cross over to the other side. On your extreme right hand side of the bay you can enjoy a lovely lunch at the Tamarina Beach Club. We suggest you go by bicycle or car.

Le Morne Beach
(14.6 km from Vanilla House)

Le Morne is well known for its white sandy beaches, the translucent ocean waters and the bright kites of the kite surfers and wind surfers dancing on the waves. The Le Morne beaches are a must, whether you enjoy the exhil- arating fun of extreme sports of just relaxing on the beach. Le Morne Beach is situated on the right hand side of Vanilla House. For the more daring you can go by bicycle or you can use the public transport. (There is a bus stop as you leave Vanilla House). Le Morne beach also brags a little restaurant called Under the Filao, which serves a delicious array of local dishes.